I Have Been Buried in Books

Back into my illustrations for the Burke and Wills story. As I am now doing the writing, I notice more drawings are necessary.

It has been a good deviation from what I hope is the last editing of Kind Gestures. I have ordered another proof so I can look it over before telling Amazon to publish. I changed the cover photo to start…the other one seemed too dark. this is better, I think.

At least I think it is. I am keeping all covers illustrated with my own artwork. Before publishing the short stories, I changed the photo to this.

There has yet to be any Amazon reviews of my three, soon to be four books. Maybe some will come.  The poetry groups that I meet with are most encouraging about my efforts and their enthusiasm makes me want to continue.

I did take a few minutes to draw a robin in the Meadow Book.

I don’t like the drawing very much but figured he is in the book now, and it is better to do a bad drawing/painting than to not even try. Next will be better, I’m sure!

Another trip to the gym picture. Starting to get a bit darker at the hour I head off.

The front yard mulch had this wonderful “scrambled egg” fungus that only lasted one day.

And I did a ‘clean out refrigerator dinner’ two days ago.


Put a few cups of salty water in a shallow sauté pan. Add Raman noodles that will soak up most of the water.

Chop last of green onions, last few bits cauliflower, broccoli. toss in with cooking Raman.

Shut off stove, toss in cut up fresh spinach (the last in the bag)

Add some precooked and thawed shrimp.

Some garlic and lemon juice.

Squeeze in some pesto sauce…decide it needs more color and add a good splash of V8 tomato/vegetable juice.

Check to see if anything else is about to go off and if not, and the water is all absorbed…

Add handful of grated parmesan cheese and stir while mixture is still warm.

Plate up and add some lightly salted peanuts and a bit more parmesan.

Pour a glass of white wine and have a seat.

It was delicious and made enough for three meals.

Next morning I went out and replaced all the veggies I had used up.

Not much else new…

Think I will go for a walk.

Til later…