Beautiful Fall Days

On my walk to the river the other day.

And then going back to the dam in mid morning two days later.

And crossing over the bridge of the river at the dam that becomes the river from up above. Lovely to be back at both places putting one foot in front of the other. I collected sticks and mosses for my front entry.

Then Friday night was the chili contest on the square. We each get a sample from all the ones who entered and then vote for our favorite. One of the guys from the coffee group was there with his. Most of them were pretty good. Some just too hot for this old palette pf mine. Nice to see so many come out.

Friday lunch here with a few other artists was very good. So nice to have them to talk to. We won’t meet again until after the first of the year because of the busy holidays coming up.

Both of the proofs came for the books. I need to rework them color-wise and also the size for the Stoat Story.  The dyed leaf prints with graphite drawings throughout make it hard to reproduce. Later today friends come over to share red wines and I will ask their opinion on how to proceed with the layout, etc.

The white cover and cute font just aren’t what I was hoping for on the Burke and Wills book, so changed both. I also needed to adjust color on some of the images. So much time can be spent on getting what looks like it might work. I will get it sorted and then order two more proofs.

Better get going and prepare my charcuterie board…..

Til later….