A Catch Up Post

Dilly is keeping an eye on me. I am going to try too get a walk to the river in this afternoon. Yesterday and today I have been going through photos of artwork to add to a gallery section of my website. It seems a good idea since the only way I post images of new work is through my blog.

The website was never for marketing but more about what I do as an artist and writer. Now it will have more images to look through and I hope it is as much fun as I have had these past few days sorting through them.

A few days ago I did get to the river here. Spring is not coming as soon as I wanted, but there are signs.

And I did a couple more pages in the Meadow Book.

These wild onions are all over the meadow walk.

So now I need to go for that walk and when I come back, check the minor adjustments made to my website.

One more thing…I almost talked myself out of going to the student art show last evening at Young Harris College. But so glad I went. I met up with one of my favorites from the old art group and he and his wife are coming for dinner Saturday. They will try to get another old member of the group to come along. Then I saw the head of the gallery who had the pigments exhibition that was so wonderful a few weeks ago. She and I are getting together as soon as term ends in mid May. She wants to come over to see how I have used pigments in my work. And I got to chat with the head of the art department about his graduate work being done for the same program where I got my MFA. It was such a pleasure being around students and faculty enthusiastic about their work!

The next senior show is in a couple of weeks and I don’t want to miss it.

Til later….