Website Changes

I have spent the last few days working with my website manager on updating my page. It is now up to date with the much needed addition of a gallery page. It looks very good and shows work that is not otherwise seen on the website. I was thinking that I have not been doing much since shortly before Covid and Lee’s dementia, but the addition of this new section on the website shows otherwise. Next I will attempt to learn how to add videos of narrative artist books to my you tube site under Sandy Webster-artist. So far only the Expedition to Elsewhere video is there.

And last night we shared his wonderful deep dish pizza with more talk of websites and the news in our lives.

Two days ago a walk to the river and just one photo of a downed tree.

And this morning’s walk up the hill to have coffee on the corner.

The yard men are here today putting down fresh mulch and weeding. Seems Spring might have arrived after all.

It was so much fun searching for images of work to put on the website. I will post some of the images here that lifted my spirits and brought back good memories. I feel inspired to just keep going.


This evening at about six o’clock my friends from Australia will call to show me what they have been working on. We keep in touch during the year but this is the time I used to be with them in the house we rented together after the fibre conference. I love how we can still find a way to be together to share our work. I shall pour a big glass of Aussie red.

Earlier this week another friend face-timed me as she was going into the classroom of a basket maker teaching at the conference. What fun to see him again and all the students burying themselves in vines. Thank you, Helen, for your thoughtfulness.

My friend, Marla, is soon to land in Melbourne for a tour with a group of six. She will likely be exhausted but I told her not to waste one minute of breathing in the country and seeing as much as possible in her two and a half weeks. Melbourne, Alice Springs, Cairns, and Sydney before coming back home. She promised to send pictures of Eucalyptus trees.

Better go and check on the yardmen.

Here is a tip from my son…if your porch shades clang and bang against the metal framing of your screened porch, simply stick on the felted pads for chair feet at each end of the shade and the banging becomes a hushed whisper in the breeze. Brilliant!

Til later….