A Good Men Post

This morning the washing machine hose popped out of it’s drain. Big mess with water all over. Put the machine on “pause” and called the builder on a Saturday morning. He came and put things back together…even skinnied in behind to clean what the water did not wash out in the way of dust bunnies. I did not know I had so many towels!

Now washing towels with no worries that the hose will become dislodged again. Kept in place with five zip ties!

A week or so ago I went to the dermatologist to have those pesky things that appear on old faces looked at. Two of the three removed bits require more surgery at the hospital this coming week. I was told I could not drive myself home afterwards because of the anesthetic. So while having breakfast out with some from the coffee shop that I see five days a week, I asked about the county transit service to get to the hospital and back. One of the fellows said not to do that because he could easily take me there, hang out at Walmart, have lunch and be back there three hours later to bring me home. I told him I thought that was asking a lot and he assured me it was what he wanted to do.  Such out of the blue kindness. I am taking him up on his offer.

The past several days I have been writing more rhymes for the Burke and Wills story. So far I have written through ten of the nineteen illustrations. There is so much self-editing in children’s rhyming. Each time you look at it and read it aloud, you see where it could be better…it is just finding the best word to make that adjustment that takes time. But I will get there.

I looked on Amazon to see if there were any reviews on the four books under S. Webster….still only that one international review that gave five stars for each book. I am thanking that likely Australian for being so kind.

I continue writing poetry for the meetings twice a month, but feel a bit depressed when most of them write about aging, the state of the world, dying, etc. Some of the words seem to be wagging a finger at someone who is guilty of something or simply not paying attention to how things are. I so appreciated the children’s poetry writer who had a fun rhyme about using an elephant as a piece of playground equipment. Sometimes the other writers feel a need to share their life experiences related to someone’s poem, and too much time is lost that could be better used at critique time. And so many of them need to be published to feel their work is valid. It is strange the things we think are important.

Now here is something important!

A familiar convict on a new white label. I stopped buying much of the 19 Crimes wine after they thought it clever to put Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart on their labels as additional convicts. Those two may have served time but they had zero to do with helping in the early stages of developing new life in Australia. It was a pathetic marketing ploy to the American consumer. Anyway, the boys are back. I recognized this one from before. Figured I should photograph the back of the bottle.

Evidently this is one of those six who made a great escape back to the country they were forced to leave after committing one of those nineteen crimes that got them deported. And of course I downloaded the app so the label would come alive and I could hear him tell his story. And now the label even sports a chart of how bold the red wine is.

A convict’s wine should never be thought of as “light” but I will have to buy it to see for myself if it appears on the shelf.

I think I will write some more about the lives of Burke and Wills. They are growing up and getting a bit stout for the house they are in. Could be time to move.

Or, I could read Limberlost. Or start writing another short story. Or just finish the towels and have a massage on the Migun bed. That might just take me up to wine time. Or at least close enough. I will practice a bit of tai chi first…so embarrassing if I fell over in class next week.

Til later…