One day for out patient surgery on my face. All is fine but it took a couple of days to get the anesthetic to wear off. No gym, no tai chi, no walking, and no wine!

I will see the doctor Monday for a follow up

Before my surgery I had time to sample the wares of the baker who moved into the kitchen where we all have coffee in the morning. She is superb. And on the first day she made the longed-for cinnamon rolls. Delicious! from there she went to an apple cider French toast made with brioche, pecans and  fresh apples from an orchard about an hour away. There are so many things coming out of the oven when I get there a bit before 8 in the morning, Monday through Friday.

Then another cinnamon roll to welcome me back from my day away is pictured with a couple of butternut squashes decorated with a smile. The men are gathering in the background pondering what to order for breakfast.

I did manage to put some of my own banana bread in the freezer and had some this morning with my latte. Dorinda the baker does not bake on weekends and as soon as she leaves at one each day she heads off to her “real” job as a paralegal. Amazing woman. My banana bread looks nothing like hers.

And while we are on food, I have the last of every vegetable, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, red pepper, celery, carrots, garlic, onion, spinach, tomatoes, all in a pot with ditali pasta. It will last me for several meals.

I worked on Burke and Wills and now have them well situated in the nursing home.

Now it is just constant reading aloud and changing words. My children’s poetry friend from the poetry group told me I tended to have eight syllables on most lines and that was a good number to stay with. It never occurred to me to count them! No wonder I seek her advice. I think the hard part of telling this story is over, but there will be plenty of edits before I want to put it all together. The final decision on where the nineteen illustrations go has been made

I need another project to get started on. Watching the end of the film based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, Alias Grace, today made me want to thread a needle and just stitch on something big. The quilts in the movie and her hands threading needles and holding layers of cloth were mesmerizing. I am going to open the large sewing trunk this week and seriously get out some cloth. I am thinking about the large linen shawl that had earth pigments and then hand stitching to get through the difficult news of Lee’s dementia. It was such a soothing and worn cloth. There were holes from the green earth full of an acids that needed sewn over. And rows and rows of kantha stitches in colors.

I wonder about cutting it up to piece back together with another cloth that has been waiting in the trunk. Something big that will take all winter and stay on my lap by a cozy fire.

I am also going to do a bit of sewing on clothes. I bought the most amazing linen in a grey with a hint of green this week. Washed and dried, it is begging to be made into pants. Today I have on the ones I covered with patches because a hole wore through the seat. And you can’t just have a patch on the rear end. They needed patches in different places as well to look right. They are so soft!

So after I see the surgeon on Monday and get to the hairdresser the same day, I am going to open that trunk, pull out my favorite patterns and the new linens that are waiting, and SEW!

Til later….