A Good Week

Lee picked these for me this morning….Mountain Laurel that surround the house. They are fading a bit now. The deer have eaten the tops off of the sunflowers. Irresistible green leaves sprouting up. But there are plenty left in the beds. It is just the cost of feeding deer in the yard. Everything we have out there is considered part of their food source.

And here is the Australian Scroll at the framers. If I was two inches taller I could have gotten both ends in the picture. The matte will be sort of like this counter top….Mississippi mud color. Then it will have a dark frame with hints of rust on the edges. In three weeks I should have it in place over the small couch where I sit and hand sew while watching TV with Lee.

I might just do more of these with the scraps of fabrics and threads I have left. Maybe even incorporate prints from my two small presses.

But first I need to get the art works wrapped and shellacked. Now I am onto the Expedition to Elsewhere: the Evidence.

I am filling up the long boat with bugs and other specimens. Behind are some of the cabinets of curiosities, etc. Here is one of my favorites all bundled up.

But some big bugs will be wrapped today.

Some of the stands these specimens are on will just be tossed in the hole with them….too hard to wrap with the thin wires being the only attachments.

I do not think I will wrap the large dioramas with stripped cloth as I have several large drop cloths from India that I colored with earth pigments to use as backdrops to the exhibition.  Might as well use them up as well. Empty cartons are everywhere to be broken down to take to the dump for recycling.

Once all of the pieces are wrapped from this exhibit and a few more personal bits I found, then I can call for the hole digger. Not sure I want this immense and growing pile outside my studio when the window washers come later this month. Too hard to explain.

I am finding it easier to breathe in my studio as I take out a bag a week to the trash.

Til later.