A Hot Tea Day

Patches giving me the “look” while I draw in my book and keep up with the news. Just two more days and we can start to heal this country. But first we have to clean out the wounds. And there are so many.

I am still looking for the perfect smooth no skip super fine black ink pen for drawing. In the meantime I just keep at it.

A street of diversity.

A wedding procession verging on the bizarre is a good way to use up those heavier ink line makers.

Dressing these two reminded me to think about how much my own clothing choices have sunk this past year. I noticed getting our first installment of covid shots that some people are still combing their hair. No earrings though which I suspect has more to do with the difficulty of doing so while putting masks on and off. The women in the waiting room also had an overall more tidy look about them.

It got me to thinking that I actually choose between three pairs of pants…outer, not under. One that I am wearing now is put on easily by looking where the bigger split in the side seam is. Large slit to the left, smaller one to the right. I sewed these pants myself and thought after seven years, they’d have been tossed out, but no. They are too comfortable. And why mend them if their open seams make them easier to put on?

Another reason I don’t want to mend them is I don’t trust myself to do a very good job of it. The last pair of pants I mended are very, very old heavy linen that did not have pockets so I took scraps of fabric in contrasting colors and stitched it to where I would reach for something. I also thought they flopped around a bit too much so darted the bottom of the legs. The elastic is long gone, but I can still yank the waist tie strings enough to keep them up. And because they are the second of three favorites, I took whatever thread was handy, something more like string than thread and whip stitched the back seam back together. The pants are teal and the string/thread is white. I just remember to wear the longest of the six or less shirts I find myself reaching for.

The third pair is a simple black cotton that just gets looser and looser and makes me feel thinner. Why wouldn’t I like those? So far only the elastic waist has given out but with the side effects of covid times they manage to stay up.

Tomorrow I see my eye doctor for new tear duct plugs and will keep my jacket on. The same when I take Lee to the dentist afterwards. But that jacket is the one I bought thirty years ago and have placed contrasting patches on pocket edges, collar and cuff edges…and of course up the back to make it look stylish rather than needy. I have not succeeded there but it also has my Biden Harris pin firmly attached over the heart.

Wish us luck.

Til later.