A Very Good Day!!

We woke up this morning to what looks like a sea change in the country. Thank you to the voters of Georgia for getting us to this day!

Anxiously watching the news these past few days I have been working in my new marks sketchbook. Here is the evolution to where I drew in it this morning.

I turned the page and drew some more quick line drawings of a couple of things in the room and then a less structured outline for filling in with marks.


Then on the short page drew myself with one earring.

Next I thought to pattern her scarf.

Turned the page to make a new outline to fill in and then sketch models with jackets.

This morning I filled in one of the coats and gave two of them an earring and the third a scarf.

What I am really enjoying is the tight structure imposed on the random drawings. I get to be loose and tight at the same time and on the same page. I have no idea where this is going but I would not mind filling the entire book with these types of illustrations. Four more ink pens have been ordered. No writing has occurred to me to put in the book so far.

But I have been working on my short story about Ellie, the recently widowed older woman in the Kind Gesture story….the novella that can be found on my website.  The other day I left her finishing off her lunch, reminiscing about her childhood, and getting ready to dig a hole. When I first wrote about her, she was fixing lunch for her friend, Margaret. She is an abominable cook and a recent vegetarian which actually allows for poor cooking. All the short stories must have a relation to the kitchen. If I did not set limits I could be all over the place….more than I am now.

And I have redone the tether lines for the book and will make perfect copies to take to a printer…..just as soon as my Epson ink shows up. Just yesterday we received mail sent three weeks ago.

That is it for now. I need to go back to the news and see what is going on.

Til later.