Anxieties All Over The World Today

The Trump administration is hanging around waiting for the votes to start coming in. It will be a rough next few days for everybody.

I wish those iPhones would put more effort into capturing the moon. It was cold but beautiful early this morning. Now I am back from a quick run to the grocery store while the caregiver was with Lee. He is getting a bit further along with confusions. Most noticeably is how to eat. I quit leaving his beer in the bottle when he tried to pour some on his potato chips last week. Now it goes in a glass so he knows to drink it. And this morning taking his fork with French toast and dipping it in his coffee. He remembers that it is all food to eat but forgets the order. I watch that the hotdogs go in end first…pretty messy if you bite in the middle. But his spirits are good and that is a very good thing.

The other day I got to thinking about making journals to use in 2021 for drawings a day, etc. I was about to order a bunch when I thought again. They just aren’t right. I want something I can do pen sketches on…quick ones…..and then write, also in pen.

So I looked over my papers and using some of the pads I bought to make the DaD ones for this year. They are pads of 11″ by 14″. So logically I thought I could make folios that were 5.5″ by 7″ or landscape folios with the 7″ going across. Neither seemed okay to me. So, I made folios that have one side at 5.5″ by 5″ and the other side 5.5″ by 9″ landscape. This way I can sketch on the small page and write on the long page.

I got this far.

And then I cut scraps of some black paper to cover the spine edges because I will likely do a Coptic  binding.

I turned the folios so that it alternates short page next to long page. There are eight signatures of four folios each. That should be plenty of pages to get me started come January 1st.

The pen drawings will not be something I am trying to capture like my graphite drawings are. No erasures with pen so I don’t want the burden of looking…more of the burden of thinking. They could just start out as memory marks that represent what I need or want to say in the writing section. And NO haiku! I think I am even speaking in slowly counted syllables now. Enough of that come 2021.

And for subjects to finish out the year in the drawings a day I am doing the end of a scarf each day. I have almost as many as Dr. Birx had for her appearances with Trump. Of course mine don’t have that brand name she wears. Mine are a bit more loving hand look.

Starting new series

of drawing my many scarves

through end of the year.


A scarf from yarn scraps.

Gift from Suzy and held closed

by kangaroo bone.


Linen in tatters

has become a layered, stitched

and beaded long scarf.


Very soft black cloth

stitched with hundreds of white marks.

Tassels on corners.


And some more old journal entries.

All painting sketches from Bali in 2005.

And some more writings:


And in a town called Hay.

Latte and sausage roll – $7.10 and I am alone!!! Slipped away by myself to this small coffee shop. Order and pay first. Great serviettes on the table. My impression is this is a woman’s town. Place is filling up with them – most close to my age. I have 45 minutes to be served and get back on the bus.


Writing prompt.

What used to live under your bed?

An alligator waiting and watching for any part of my body to hang over the edge – hand, foot, knee – all were in danger of being bitten off.

*Note: That above fear came from an illustration on the cover of a book in a set of encyclopedias my mother acquired. The girl was riding in a fancy boat, she was Burmese looking as I recall, She had her foot draped over into the water and a crocodile/alligator had it in his mouth. I tried to never look at that book in the set. Other than black the only colors in the inside illustrations were orange and turquoise. Sort of art deco looking. Anyway I never saw those books again until a few years ago a friend in St. Louis purchased the same set. She is a retired art teacher and I am quite sure the pictures never frightened her…..but my hair stood on end as I just had to look at that one cover illustration again.

And finally this really beautiful view of the grass that I thought was “just grass”.

Til later…when the nightmare election is over!