Asheville – Where Things are a Bit More Interesting

tobacco barn

I am going to Asheville, NC tomorrow and stay overnight with a friend. We try to get all the interesting things seen and done in just twenty-four hours. This is a photo I took in The Tobacco Barn on one of my trips there. There is always an effort to make things look interesting, make you want to come back and look again.

Curio cabinet interior detail

I can always find interesting things that fill empty spaces in my work.


Some of what the Tobacco Barn offers simply will not fit anywhere in the house. Like this bronze boar.

TB boar

Or this ostrich keeping company with a chicken.

TB ostrich chicken

Or this stag and bunnies combination.

TB stag and bunnies


TB heron and cow

The Biltmore Estate is an attraction in Asheville. I have been there a few times. I even dressed for the occasion of viewing the Clothes of Downton Abbey.

new hat

Just being in Asheville and you fall under the influence.


Biltmore fountain

I do like the design of this particular fountain. The way the water is cascading in the stone work and the fierceness of that fish slithering down from the perfectly formed shell. It’s very nice.

Whatever I bring home from Asheville this weekend will be small and/or useful. I need to find some tool that will make rivets, and I need a second inexpensive steaming pot to use in a workshop in St. Louis week after next. Maybe some new tongs. Steaks from Trader Joes are on the list.  I suppose what I really need is to just go there and come home with as little as possible. My house is full enough as it is with the things I couldn’t leave behind.

Living Room shelves lo res

I am just going to have a really good time with a very good friend and catch up over a single malt scotch. Perfect. Maybe I will take some pictures of more things I loved and left.

Next week I am taking a smorgasbord of printmaking techniques for five days. It is going to be a very good next two weeks between Asheville, printmaking and St. Louis.