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Inner Peace Game Box

I am working on the game box that I started at Arrowmont the weekend before last. The cubes are to be rolled by each player. Also each player has a round box with a spinning wooden arrow in the lid and a fold out game board. There is the spinning device that looks like an egg that gives a consequence. There is the little man who must be arranged into yoga positions on his platform and there are ten cards of different positions. Below is the first mock up for the game board itself. I am going to love coloring it in and decorating the cards.

Inner Peace Game board mock up

The box is now painted and waxed with the dividers glued in place. It is so much fun making these things fit and giving them a special place to housed. It is going to be a game of Finding Inner Peace. Numbers need to be added to the cubes…..some place off-center would be good. And of course I need to make the little things that will be moved along the path.

Below are some other boxes with fitted bits and pieces that I have done.


The Gardener’s Box now in the Arrowmont Permanent Collection. I even saw this last week when I was there. It was in a glass case near the painting studio.

miniature books for blog

The Small Edition Box made for BookWorks a few years ago and below the box that all these pieces fit into. That was really fun putting together.

edition house packed

And one of the boxes inspired by a postcard from an art museum. It was an image of a Chinese Puzzle Box. I needed to see if I could do it and then made two. This Chinese themed one and another Japanese one.

Chinese box doors open woman view lo res

On another note, this past week after meeting a young woman at Arrowmont and hearing she is in need of books for her art department, I am now seeing some empty spaces in my studio shelves. She has received at least one third of what I had in basketry, book and paper arts and whatever other book I was more than willing to give away.

It is time to put things where they are needed and stop thinking that place is here.  More on that later. More on a lot of things later.