Back On The Trail

I have not walked on the trail I made for Lee in several months. It is sad to retrace our steps all by myself. But the other day it was so sunny and warm out there. So I went and took pictures along the way.

Lee’s rock piles are being slowly rearranged by the animals.

And the pile of stones that mark the burial site of so much artwork.

And further down the basket placed on the stump where we would stick found feathers as we walked.

A bit more worn down.

A bird should nest here when Spring arrives.

 And nearby a tree door.

Coming back around to the studio. A school of fish. I will hang one in my new house, maybe two.

A bird stories bird.

A walk along the river. Lots of rain makes for rising waters and puddles.

I worked on the Burke and Wills story and drawings. Trying to decide which ones work to illustrate their lives together.

Where they spent their first few nights together. And Wills realizing it is up to him to help Burke learn to fly.

And when Wills becomes too large to fit in their front door.

The story and practice drawings are a nice deviation from world events this week.

But I did have some company. Right here in the house.  In the morning an old weaving acquaintance came and packed up some yarns but declined three large quilting frames. And then the evening brought friends I always enjoy seeing.  They brought pizza and selected some wines from my collection. It was a wonderful five hours of good conversation, food and wine. We will do it again.  AND I have some leftover pizza for dinner tonight.

When I mentioned there was no room for my large living room rug in the new house, they offered to take it for their own place when the time comes. Good. More things sorted and disposed of.

The weather this week prevented any building but next week is clear and the builder has posted on his site that the framing will go up. I look forward to seeing that and getting a new drawing in my sketchbook.

It is dreary today. So I will pour a wine and think about that delicious pizza.

Til later….