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Proust palace and first book clock


I have come back to the present and am working on more of the series titled, In Search of Lost Time. The second one is finished now and is another sculpture made of old brass clock parts, frames and foundry molds. The entire last section of Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past is cut into one quarter inch strips and glued one to the other end to end to make one long, long bit of text….rather like his sentences. Here is a picture of it sitting next to the first of the series. And a picture of the back.

proust synopsis out the back

Now I am working on the accordion style book made from wooden covers and another clock part.

I wanted eight collagraphs that had holes that went through all the way to the back of the book.  Here is the process so far. The cover, the collagraphs before and after being inked, and finally the prints 1-8 hung to dry before holes are cut and the book finished.

wood covered book

eight collagraphs

collagraph plates



collagraphs 1-4

collagraphs 5-8