Bamboo and Books

My yardman came today with the last bamboo fencing piece. We thought it looked better in the center because it was quite tall, so switched it with the center original one.  It has been a cloudy day and the picture is not that good. he also brought a couple of extra pieces of good size bamboo poles. Not to waste anything I suggested we cut one to fit horizontally along the inside of my porch to hold in the shade from blowing into the screen, table and chairs. In my former home we had lots of bamboo at our disposal so posted two vertically between floor and ceiling in front of each shade to keep them from hitting us in the head when a wind came up.

Well here I just don’t want to see my neighbors gas tank and keep the afternoon sun out. But it still gets a bit breezy so…..

Now the bamboo is tightly wedged across to keep the shade from flapping and my neighbor has simply disappeared! Not really, but his side of the house has, taking the gas tank with it.

And not to waste a good long piece of bamboo, I had him cut it for the front entry. Notice he cut it a bit short and we used a stone to make up the difference. I like how enthusiastic he is about my ideas. Now he plans to bring another for the opposite side.

I am hoping to find a storm door with a built in screen to put on the entry doorway. It would make the best breeze flowing through the house from porch to front door.

The other day my neighbor called me over to see the deer in her back yard. I have not seen any since I left my old house where we fed them regularly.

It was a welcome break because I have been covered up with designing and laying out the poetry book. I had it all set and saved as a six by nine inch book, but then got to thinking that it just was not an “intimate” size for poetry. So had to start all over with a new template for the smaller size. I dug out a Billy Collins and Mary Oliver books to check if I was being a bit picky…, both of theirs’s are smaller than six by nine.

Then of course, I need to see it actually on paper because the cold flatness of the computer does not tell me where exactly things are.

I notice that the slightest adjustment can throw everything off so am most grateful that there is that clever “undo” tab to hit. That and a daughter who understands the hidden meanings of what a computer actually wants of me.

This week I will have three ton of flagstone and two ton of sand delivered so that my yardman and his crew can get started next week. Then once that is all in place, I can quit thinking about what else the tiny yard I do have, can use to make it more me.

That is it for now…I need to take a walk when the rain stops….

Til later…