A Lot Going On

My nasturtiums seem to have peaked. I thought they would stay bushy and full of blooms, but they are getting leggy and want to either bloom or grow more leaves. It will be one or the other. So I will enjoy them until they just give up. I am not a gardener. Just buying them and giving them a pot was enough, or so I thought. Of course I water them, but they seem to want something else. Alas.

This morning I was watching Sadie and Dilly have a fur tussle.

I suggested a time out.

The trips to the gym after a heavy rain had me looking for the bright spots.

And after all this time of walking past abandoned bleachers, they finally moved them.

The image shows “the presence of absence” that I think says so much more than if the “something” was there. My imagination has a place to go and stories of things that probably never happened can come in and get told on paper.

And that reminds me that the last several days have been sorting the poetry and getting it all in the same font and on the correct pages for the book. Also a cover designed.

Then it was sorting out all the essays by putting them in categories or chapters. I am glad that so much was put down on paper. Now I will get those formatted and design a cover for the Essays book.

And finally I am also working on the pincushions. Here are the four extreme conservative judges hell bent on limiting our civil rights and taking us backward. From left to right is Ginny Thomas whispering her conspiracy theories into husband Clarence Thomas’s ear, Judge Alito with his catholic upbringing and faith determining decisions, Kavanaugh, drinking beer and keeping women in their useful places, and finally the handmaid herself, Coney-Barret.

Not nearly enough pins but at least it is a start.

I have a few more to go and then all in the plastic bag with their predecessors to have all the air removed. I should make Trump an orange prison suit after today but probably will wait awhile.

Til later….