Beautiful Spring Day

The weather warmed up so we walked the trail for the first time in quite awhile.

And this knot hole that always makes me want to get back to the fairy book.

The woods have definitely influenced my drawing a day marks book.

An the finished breakfast page.

Yesterday I decided to try different mark making…..stippling that takes so much longer to fill a space but I love how it looks and how it appeals to nervous energy!

I will stay with stones for a few pages because they really lend themselves to stippling. Then maybe combinations.

We just returned from taking garbage and recycling bottles and cardboard to the trash. It is a big outing for Lee. He gets to dump the glass bottles after I show him where, and then help me lift bags of kitchen garbage over the edges of the high bins.  Now he is back at blowing leaves in the driveway enjoying the sun.

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half on the phone being interviewed by a nurse for long term care insurance. Evidently it is something that must be done every so often. It was irritating for both of us when she wanted to ask Lee if he knew his name, knew the president’s name, his date of birth, his age…When he got a touch ornery they let it drop and continued to ask me every question you can imagine. It was compounded by the fact that ten minutes before the caregiver was to show up, her office called to say she wasn’t coming.

So Lee went with me to the printers and stayed in the car while we ran a test run of the pages of poetry. Hopefully later today when we go out to get our weekly take out dinner, we can pick up thirty-two books worth of pages….all printed on a lovely 100% cotton 32 lb paper that I have had in my office waiting for just the right thing.

A friend on Facebook did research on what pen Richard Gorey used. It was a very fine nib by Joseph Gillott. I can’t see myself balancing a bottle of ink and dipping a pen as I work off my lap. But thank you John Parkes! I learned so much more about Richard Gorey.

Gotta go….Lee is now in looking for lunch.

Til later.