Between Christmas and New Year

Christmas morning with snow and hungry deer.  Lee did not think much of the change in weather.

It should all be gone by this evening as the forecast is for high 50s today. I think it looks nice coming down but then just want it to go away so I can get out of the driveway. The solution is to bake Anzac cookies and drink red wine.

I have been trying to be loose and do some writing in my new sketchbook. It is not as easy as doing the graphite drawings and haiku. I end up just staring at the pages….but did manage to make some marks and a cat with a brush in the avocado ink.

But I have been able to do much more writing. The poetry book has enough poems and is laid out in folios with their tether lines. Problem is that my printer has not been used in so long it gums up after so many pages being printed. Then I need to stop and put it on “clean” which uses loads of ink. But I will get there.

Here are a couple of new poems written this week.


I used to know people.

But not anymore.

We lost touch

when my life changed.


It took a while to notice

they were not there

when I could

have used them.


What happened is

I used them up

in the good times

and nothing’s left for the bad.


There Are Days

There are days when

there is nothing left to give.

And isn’t it always the case

that on those days

someone wants you to

do something,

fix something,

clean something,

talk about something,

make something,

explain something.

think about something.


And all you can do is

try not to show

how little you care

about their somethings.

So now there are enough for a small book that gives a perspective of how things can be when life changes living with dementia.

We did have a surprise visit from old friends who brought a basket of treats that included a single malt scotch. Most welcome on all counts. Our son is here until Tuesday and has been a great help keeping Lee working with him in the shop. It will be difficult when he leaves but the caregiver can help me with that.

All for now….til later….