Bit Early for Wine….But Could Use a Glass

I went to the grocery store this morning, after laundry and vacuuming, and found the perfect red wine for a new neighbor moving in today. She is an artist who prefers Cabernet Sauvignon. This seemed perfect for the tangling up of trying to fit it all in before thinking maybe some of it should never have been moved. I will take it over when the dust clears and her helpers have gone home.

It is getting lighter in the mornings going to the gym.

A new bamboo has been added to my little pond. My yard man and his helper came over to clean up here…clean pond and pull weeds. I had them also move two pots from the garage to out front so I could plant them with shade loving ferns, etc., and place smooth stones around them.

And these past few days have been the basket conference in Tasmania. They posted pictures and I found Jude’s hands working on her coiled neckpieces. So I had to add them to the pages I was working on.

I have been adjusting and sizing the images from the Fairy Book. I do not want to try and make a story of all those fairies but think an introduction page would be fun to write before turning all the pages to find them hidden in the leaves. I like all the figuring that goes into fitting everything just so for a book.

Last night I went to a concert of the Mountain Chorus. Lots of singers in a large church that could handle the crowd and the musicians. I loved the cello player who made my eyes water with his solo. I don’t think I have been to one of these since high school. Music and church were not a part of my upbringing. But it was lovely and we treated ourselves to a margarita, chips and salsa afterwards. A very kind neighbor to ask me to tag along.

There is not much else new going on. Soon my yardman will be tackling the pergola and screen door. I have turned it over to him now.

That glass of wine is waiting.

Til later….