Busy Few Days

I have spent most of the day fixing my laptop by slowly following instructions on how to get it running again. And then starting over and over. Microsoft issues with my latest update download. It took patience and so much time but I am so happy I could do it without calling in tech support from those who would rather not answer my call.

This morning….


The Cooper hawk juvenile all puffed up from trying to fight his reflection in the office window.

I carved a block for the heart of the men and mixed a barn red milk pint with a printing ink.

Tomorrow I will get back to stitching on them now that the facing has been added to the backs.

And details on the walks.

I love this old rose hanging on….

A blue painted rock that the Blue Collector from my short story would have brought home.

And more bergamot that has led to drawings in my journal….

Here are the last two days drawings…

Looking out the window at the ridge line….way too many trees to figure out. I prefer the details…

Drew even more bergamot this morning. Maybe the black eyed Susan will be next.

A dental appointment this afternoon, then a scotch I think. Lunch out tomorrow with the same two who are my only local social outlet. Glad they think to invite me along. Hope to find friends like these when I move.

More later…..