New Moon Madness

I think I am more sporadically busy at new moon times. Up early to capture the moon and a lone star at 6:15.

Five minutes and the star is lost.

And I toss corn and bird seed out to those waiting.

I have been taking pictures of flowers along my walks and using them to draw from.

The other day the most thoughtful card came from Tasmania. Suzi BJ saw that I loved this photograph by a Mr. Sikes as I remember of an old spool of thread and made this to send kind words all the way across the world.

They are so very clever down there. See how she stitched the two pieces together to look like the threads are coming out of the needle in the spool? See how she stitched her own envelope to recycle? So clever. So lovely to have someone who would think to make this for me. I love it Suzi. Thank you.

Speaking of stitching…..all the large wood blocks of man and his stages are finished. Here they are with their heart details. My fingers were so cramped by yesterday evening.

I am thinking of getting them framed individually to hang side by side. I would like them double matted with a thin blood/barn red edge peeping out from an off white mat inside simple black wood frames. It will be expensive but that is how I see them. Just need to find a framer now and that is not easy out here in the country.

I walked on the trail and saw signs of fall already.

And Lee’s basket continues to deteriorate and become more beautiful in the process.

He is always on my mind. Especially when I make my coffee in the morning and he is not here to share it with me. We found this old original Farberware Expresso/Cappuccino machine in a cupboard. It is perfect for my one cup per day and comes with the wooden tamper that Lee turned for it.

The fresh ground coffee beans last forever making coffee this way.

Today the landscaper who put our yard in five years ago is coming by to look at all the suffering going on out there. One dogwood just up and died. Bushes near it have died and all their roots are gone. Then looking across in a line you can see more bushes drying up and dying. All the Japanese maples are suffering way beyond the late frost damage. Yet other plants are thriving next to the dead ones. A mystery. May end up having to get the soil tested. It is always something! Makes condo living more attractive by the day.

Til later when I am not bouncing around so much. Blame it on the potent cup of coffee…..