Catching Up on Lee’s Birthday

I ordered yellow lined pads but they were too bright. So I am staying with this Spirits Bar book as a separation between head and bookcase. I will add some yellow pages tucked in somewhere…otherwise finished.

A catchup on the drawings…all paint brushes with only two left to go, then back to leaves…..

I am going to

draw one of my Nature made

paintbrushes each day.


Today turkey plumes

yesterday a dried bush bloom

for my paintbrushes.


And today’s subject

is the very tip of a

butterfly bush bloom.


Bristles on this brush

are a gathered bunch of weed

blossoms all dried up.


A wrapped gathering

of dried fennel seeds can be

made into a brush.


Tiny little twigs

tied with some white waxed linen

to a stick handle.


No caregiver today so I had to take Lee to the store with me. He stays in the car. I got some barbeque thighs and legs for dinner tonight and a lovely little German chocolate cake and ice cream. I will not put 83 candles on the cake but just ask him how old he would like to be.

He received a nice email birthday wish from Holly this morning …we miss her lovely hugs….and a good phone call from his cousin. He remembers those from earlier in his life but not more recently known friends. Which can be a good thing because he does not ask about those who haven’t called or checked in much since his diagnosis.

A friend has fixed his leaf blower and it will arrive Thursday when his wife comes for our weekly lunch. He will be excited to start waving it around the driveway.

Not much else new. Following the hubris of a sickening president and his incompetent staff.  We are in such desperate need of a change. His ignorant easily led base I understand but certainly wish those only looking after their financial assets would start paying attention to the assets their children and grandchildren are….and the bleak future ahead of them.

I almost forgot the Fairy Book inspiration and images.

This bamboo man hangs on the porch. We have had him for years and he seems magical to me.

I added another dancer between the two.

And this big strong fairy man with tattoos?


Okay, time for a scotch.

Til later.