Christmas Beginnings

The other evening was movie night. We saw Beverly Hills Cop and laughed a lot. Eddie Murphy is very funny to watch. I think the next movie will be the classic, A Christmas Story…then maybe Blazing Saddles. We seem to be into silly fun with our pizza and wine. Outside on the way home, the town and some of the neighbors have decorated for the holidays. I did not see this in the place I left.

The day before I went for a walk to the river. It was very cold and windy.

Lots of puddles to get around or through. I might ask Santa for a pair of boots! The special tree now has a hole all the way through the base of the trunk. I hope it hangs on.

I also worked on another of the stitched animals….bunnies.

Then yesterday I baked the Christmas cake. Very dark.  And I made two because it seemed too much batter for the one round pan. Next year I will not use blackstrap molasses. So in case the flavor is not how I expect, I drowned one in rum and the other in a honey liquor…then drizzled golden syrups into the poked holes. It may take more Madeira and sharp cheese than last year when serving this up to family.

I won’t serve it to friends in case I scare them off. Last night I had my first dinner here for a couple in town that have been very kind to me since the move. It was fun to bring out cloth napkins and make a special dinner with hors d’oeurves. It has been such a long time…before dementia compounded by Covid. I am going to their place this coming Thursday to meet some of their friends.

Other news is that I went to my second poetry meeting a few days ago and actually read one of my poems from Trusting the Tether Line. It was very well received and they encouraged me to keep writing and share more next month. The group is actually quite an education on the subject of poetry; the types, cadences, etc.  I feel so much more at home here in the company of people taking an interest in what I do. Very supportive area that is fun to live in.

Today, now that the washing and ironing are finished, I am going to sit by the fire with my cats and read Louise Penny’s latest book.

later I will bake savoury scones and something else to share with the men at the coffee meetings.

Dilly is exhausted trying to keep up.

Til later….