Christmas Social

Yesterday I cleaned house to welcome neighbors in, This room was filled with pleasant chattering.

Even the dining room was ready to welcome them. And here is the food I spent a few days preparing. It was a very nice time with about twenty attending.

It was a pleasure to pull out so many of Lee’s wooden pieces to serve food on. And the punch bowl with endless cups made by a potter friend years ago. I took no pictures of the neighbors visiting. Photographing people in mid conversation, eating and drinking seems somehow inappropriate. And I was lost in conversation most of the time.

This morning I stopped on the way back from the gym to capture the sunrise and moon. Very chilly morning.

And in about 45 minutes our new vet is paying a house call to get to know the cats and hopefully trim claws on Dilly.

Til later….although Amy, Patrick and Marla arrive for Christmas in two days, so I might be a bit late. This morning I checked out the house I rented for them and the owner informed me she is heading there today to put a Christmas tree up.  How nice. And they can look out from the hill and see where I live, so they are close by.