Christmas Parade and More

A Christmas gnome outside the coffee shop. Some local vendors came into town for the parade.

And then the crowds gathered around the square on both sides of the street.

Then it arrived. We were all like children waving and having candy tossed to us. I have not seen a parade of any kind since I was little.

This past weekend I put sixteen invitations in the doors of neighbors for an open house here this coming Sunday. Then I settled into baking.

Olive wine crackers. they are about the size of a quarter and quite tasty.  Later I put a batch of almond biscotti in the freezer for the open house.

Also made some spreads and cheese balls. And this blueberry banana bread to take to the corner this morning.

On the walk back to the house this morning I saw this coppery hill above our houses. Wonder what is planted there as nothing else looks like this.

And this in a planter along the sidewalk in town….beautiful visual on dying.

And finally Dilly and Sadie cuddling in the African chair.

Tomorrow night is another wine tasting and I will be going as a Christmas gift from the builder. It is the second seating and has more people attending that I have known for some time.

So with having dinner with new friends at their house Friday, being in the crowd for the parade and now hosting an open house, I think I can call myself social again. When the holidays are over I have plans to get back to work in the studio to finish off old ideas and start on the new ones.

Til later….