Company Come and Gone

My books arrived and I like the feel of them. Just right for poetry and essays. Thank you to so many who have also bought them and are appreciating the words. Now I just need to figure out how to do the author’s page so I can add news, etc.

I hope to get stuck into the Burke and Wills story for children and older readers.  A writer for children and social worker came for a visit to take a look at what I have so far. She was very encouraging about me getting back to it.

Patrick and Marla arrived on this past Tuesday. I had my walk to the gym that foggy morning.

And a walk around the neighborhood waiting for them to arrive.

We were eaten up by mosquitos on a walk along the Riverwalk trail. The air was stifling even at 7:30 in the morning but we managed to get some interesting views from a very swollen river.

We treated ourselves to several meals out and a trip to Crane Creek Winery.

This was one of the few meals at home…a ham and cheese with veggies on a multigrain croissant served with a bottled margarita. Very good!

Marla took almost a third of my clothes home with her. There comes a time when you know you just are picking out the same old things to wear. Luckily she is the same size in shoes.

Patrick loaded up my loveseat, heavy fold out work table, spare vacuum, fan and other odd bits we could fit into his truck. They left this morning with a heavy load, and I think that is the last of it. Both of them are so much help when they come down. Every box in my closet and garage was looked into to see if I needed the contents.

Now I am waiting for Lowes building supply to get in the garage storage cupboards so I can properly put what is left away.

They are both good company and brought back the large rusted sculpture for behind my house. It already sports a pot full of red fountain grass to look like hair.

It was too hot (and still is) to work outside, so my yardman is maybe coming this week. I am sure he will want it to be early in the morning.

My friend and paper maker, Claudia Lee and her helper came over for dinner one night. They were in town teaching a class. I am so happy she has some classes scheduled in Australia this fall. It is her first time down under and I am hoping she has lots of students. Claudia is a brilliant instructor.

Not much else new. The humidity and heat can just wear you out. Sadie and Dilly are wondering where the other people went. All laundry done and put away. So there is no sign they were even here. Just got a message they have crossed into Ohio seven hours after they left here. Four more hours and they should both be back in their homes with their own cats.

So, til later…