Keeping Busy Here

This week walking over to the gym and back.

The humidity has been intense and today it is raining again. But at least the heat has cooled down a bit. I am still waiting for the last of the stone to be placed in the back. But it will happen when it happens.

Last week while Patrick was here we picked out a screen door for the front of the house. The window screens here are on the outside…not the inside where I am used to having them. So the screens have been taken out and stored in the garage. I makes the window views clearer and I wasn’t opening windows anyway with the porch door opened most of the time. Having a screen door in front there should be a nice flow of air through the house. Problem is, it might take some additional carpentry to get it lined up. But I have faith that the men can do the job.

I also saw some new animals in the meadow and put them in the sketch book.

Deer and groundhog.

We went through every box in the house and garage and still did not find the third small egg tempera of Australian shells. Now we think it may have been placed in a box for the kids while I was packing up several boxes at once sorting out the kitchen.

One thing we did find was this woodblock print I made several years ago and then added scraps of cloth and stitch to. The glass I ordered for the wood frame arrived in a stack and was damaged. I never replaced it so now need to get a piece 8″ x 16″ cut at the hardware.

I have a perfect place to hang it in the hallway near the studio door. I really do like this print.

Now that the poetry book (Inner Navigations) and the Essays book are out and available on Amazon, I am going through the short stories for another book to publish. That way I have almost all the writing in print and book form. Next will be the Burke and Wills story that requires color images and may be a different way of doing things. Before I get too far into it, I am going to look at children’s books that a local store carries. He has so many. But sad to say, the illustrations are not the kind I like. They are predominantly simple cartoonish looking critters and not at all the old fashioned ones I like such as Beatrix Potter, Jill Barklem, and those done for versions of Wind in the Willows. They all seem to lack the magic that got those illustrators on my shelves.

But we shall see how it goes. I know I will need to do more pictures when I actually get the whole story written. That is always the best part, the drawing and painting.

Til later….