Could Be Good News

I might be in my new house when my furniture goes in on the 29th this month. This morning when I walked over a painter told me that the builder was calling for the final cleaning to be done next week. There have been a lot of changes.

Starting with delivery to an open garage of the toilets and hot water heater yesterday.

All fans installed and appliances delivered to the house.

A meeting with the shades person….and choices made.

Then this morning I see the microwave/exhaust vent is in place along with faucets in the kitchen and shower. The garage now has its door and outside lights installed.

Toilets installed.

Yesterday I took the day off to draw in the books.

And the meadow is changing…..

So today I went ahead with giving the insurance company the date to start insuring my belongings in a new place and filled out papers at the post office to have my mail forwarded. It felt good. What little bit of packing is left can be finished this weekend.

If something unforeseen happens I still have the option of moving into a friend’s apartment. The cats will still be boarded at the vets so as not to be traumatized by the movers. I am looking at a new smaller rug for in front of the fireplace. Something with a muted mud cloth pattern would be nice.

I still need to clean two rugs for the den and guest bedroom.

The builder was about to order a laundry tub yesterday morning when I stopped by. He asked what I thought of one that had a built in cabinet below. I said it would not do! I needed the old fashioned kind with four legs…otherwise there was no place to put the cats’ litterbox. So he ordered a much less expensive one that will require him ordering faucets for. But at least the cats will know that the litterbox remains in the laundry room.

It may take a couple of weeks to get the high speed internet hooked up but there is always the library for me and my computer.

I was telling my family on the group call last night that even the memories surrounding this place have slipped out through the windows and taken advantage of open doors to go away. They said that the memories will all come bursting out of the boxes as soon as they are opened.

But I think they have all found their way to the new place and are picking their places to reappear in the company of new ones.

Til later….