Dogwoods in Bloom

Coming into the neighborhood these blooms have popped out. And my first dogwood bloom on the tree in the back.

Signs of serious Spring out there.

And more dogwood at the river….

All these pictures of my river walks will feed in to how I try to capture the river in this prepared Chinese Dragon Scale Book. I avoided the extra small folios by gluing the spine folds of each folio together by just a half inch….each of the twenty some were also carefully measured to be one half inch apart. This was a big challenge because the book had to feed from the left, then reach underneath to do the pasting along a metal rule while it was being fed back over my hands to the left again. All without tearing the fragile paper.

I am thinking of doing the illustration of the scenes along the river directly on the 12″ high by 10.5″ wide first folio and continuing the scene along all the 1/2″ exposed folio folds at the foredge. When flipped the other way (to the left) it will be an illustration of the rivers underwater. That will leave me the unseen parts of each page (unless you turn them individually) for drawing artifacts from the river. Such is the plan.

The other day was poetry meeting day. I read another poem, The Position of Periphery. It was well received. They are very encouraging and told me that even though I know nothing about how poetry adheres to certain parameters for different types of poetry, I am doing everything right and to please keep writing. So I will. I did learn about ellipses, though.  The little series of…should not exceed three and not have spaces before or after.  So I will go again next month.

This morning I went out to get myself some hot cross buns and a chocolate bunny to bite the ears off Sunday morning. There was also a small bag of jelly beans that needed to come home too. Then I went to the garden center and bought some romaine lettuces, rosemary and a few plants…mostly shade lovers for the pot out front.

And the other day I decided the frames were just fine the way they were and popped the small stitched animals in them to hang behind the studio door until I decide how to get rid of them.

My friend Marla is wrapping up her trip to Australia and I am enjoying seeing  the pictures. She is now in her last city before flying out from there tomorrow. Sydney.

It is time for a glass of red but a walk around the block first because the rain has stopped.

Til later…