Dreary Few Days Here

Pictures from my last walk out at the dam. It was foggy and humid but a good walk as usual.

Then rain kept me pacing around the house until I got the same number of steps as if I went out to walk the river or the dam. It is a bit boring but I just put myself on autopilot and keep stepping. Then this morning the weather report was that the rain was over so out I went to the river to get wet with a refreshing continual drizzle. It felt good to be out even if I had to sidestep puddles.

I did not pick up any new bits of Nature for my bowl.

But love picking through it for drawing subjects.

This morning I received a recorded call from the care center where Lee is that Covid has been found there. I called his nurse and she said his section is fine and they are far away from where there are positive cases. He has had his vaccines but it is still scary when so many covidiots live in our area. Just yesterday I heard of a fellow taking cow deworming medicine everyday to stay “safe”.

And another horror story from a hospital where a couple coming in to get routine tests refused to wear a mask and were asked to wait outside after another masked patient asked why they were not masked. The husband’s response was he did not care about other people, only himself. Once outside they argued with each other and came in to say they were vaccinated. Asked to show their cards they said they left them at home. Soon after they were asked to leave, but the stain of these people is left on all of us. It is so hard to grasp the low level of civility and common sense we live among.

My hairdresser, also not vaccinated, claims she has a built in immunity to Covid and so do her parents. I reminded her that there are absolutely no beds available at the hospitals because of others who thought the same way. She remained unconvinced of any pending danger to herself, parents or others.

We live in very trying times that make me want to hide at home with a good book, sketch journal and trips only to go outside to walk in Nature. I am back to wearing a mask at the grocery store and only going there if it is close to the opening of 7 a.m.

Now back to clearing out closets.

Til later…..