Labor Day Weekend Is So Quiet!

The sky has been amazing out at the dam this morning and earlier this week.

And two days ago back to the Riverwalk trail that heads through the woods. I wanted to see if there was much damage with the flood waters a few days before. There wasn’t. The water just pushed through and went down to its previous level. Very foggy starting out and I was glad to see others eventually getting their walks and runs in.  A bit dark and foggy at 7 a.m.

I have to wait until it is light enough to see to feed the deer waiting down below before I can head out for the morning walks. So I don’t get there as soon as I would like. When I move I won’t be feeding the deer so I can get an earlier start. My new place will be closer to the dam and where Lee is. There are the same people walking at each place and I have been able to practice talking with them. We talk about their dogs, Lee, the weather. Safe topics in the time of rampant Covid brought on in no small part by an idiocy that has gripped parts of the South.

If I don’t converse with our cats during the day, my voice leaves me and I have to clear my throat before answering the phone. Mostly the calls are marketing recordings but when they are not, I do sound rather creepy. I gave the house appraiser pause the other day when he wanted to come out and go over the house the following day. That went very well by the way and I look forward to what they come up with in value so I can start the building process. My loan has been approved but I need to know what my house is worth long before it goes on the market. The appraisers advised me like everyone else to not put it on the market if I did not have a place to go. Houses are selling well in the area now. There is still so much else to do here. Filling closets with packed boxes, making sure what furniture the kids want to take, etc.

The builder gave me the measurements for the rooms and I am enlarging them on graph paper to make sure the furniture I want will fit in the rooms. I have decided to put the television inside a closet with bifold doors so I don’t have to look at it in the den, but I need to make sure the builder puts the wiring in the closet as well. The walk in closet is so big off the master bath that I asked him to put an outlet in there so I can put my Migun bed in there. Won’t that be great? Take a shower and then get a massage before getting dressed? Good thing I got rid of most of my clothes.

I look forward to building one more time. The ceilings are a foot higher than most of the ceilings here, but I will surely miss the vaulted ceilings that have allowed me to have creative wall space. The builder and I talked about that but the peak runs in the opposite direction of what would look good. So now I am looking closely at what artwork goes with me.  And frankly I am sorry not to have buried more than just exhibition pieces. One piece will have to be sawed in half to fit into a garbage bag for the trash but it will be easy to dispose of other pieces that way.

All my rugs will fit into rooms at the new place. I am hoping to put a dresser inside a closet in the guest room just to save floor/wall space for a bookcase that Lee made. I need to have the builder give me the exact measurement inside closets that still allows for the doors to have clearance inside as they angle open. The big additional cost will be all new appliances and deliveries on those is somewhat difficult at times. The builder said they will find a place to store them if I order before needed. He is quite amenable to work with.

My king size bed will go to a new home so I can buy a nice double or full size bed with matching trunks for night stands. I have decided to start reading in bed when I move. Never was able to do that before. If I don’t sell my etching press before I go I will take it with me. A studio space will be set up in the garage for carving blocks and printing.

Here are the last two days’ drawings. Lee’s grapes this year.

And a favorite piece of folk art and the large clay crow from Ted Cooley.

There are not too many pages left in this journal so I need to get out another blank one. I am thinking soft water colored abstract images that go all the way to the edges. It would be a good change for me and might lend themselves to illustrations for stories or poems.

I am going back to my graph paper.

Til later……