Enjoying Our Company

It was a dreary day yesterday when I wrote this blog in the apartment. Perfect for writing. This Japanese maple in the front yard reminds me of going off in all directions. That is me right now. Yesterday I made banana bread and this quiche for dinner. When it says to put the asparagus in first, do it, the ham and cheese cubes will prevent it from floating to the top.

I did my drawings a day,


He, every night

sleeps in this pull on sweatshirt

and stays in bed.


These are boxer shorts

folded to fit in the drawer

of Lee’s underwear.


We are enjoying having our son here. I am getting more done. He is now in my office in the house doing some work time. It is cloudy and Lee and the caregiver just paid a visit to me in the apartment. This piece came out of that visit and our conversation.

Home Intruders

Other people are living here.

Their names are,

That Other Guy,

The Big One,

The Bad Guy.


I look out the window.

No Sun.

That’s how these strangers

get in the house

and take up residence.


They need clouds,


not the dark of night,

but greyness.

Then they show up.


Staying until

I can convince

not just them to leave,

but the one remaining

that they are gone.


I also had time to work on an introduction to the book titled, “Trusting the Tether Line”. And two more poems for it besides the one above. I think twenty poems would be enough. Maybe two from before that fit the content.

Here is another one from yesterday,

His Work Gloves

Once he gets the gloves on his hands

the memory floods into his fingers.

Now it is time to get to work.

Find a yard tool,

no matter that it might be a shovel

when the rake is needed.

Anything will do as the wrists move

back and forth, up and down,

taking direction from the fingers

who were told by the gloves.


And from this morning working in the shop with Patrick.

Til later….