Few Days Later and Few Loose Ends

We are keeping our walks up at the river…

And even watched a Polyphemus moth delicately fall to the ground for his last bit of life.

Ben fixed another drink called a Sazerac

Freeze the cocktail glass and coat inside with absinthe…..discard leftover.

Put in one shot of rosemary simple syrup (recipe in previous blog)

Two shots bourbon

Three dashes of Paychard bitters (this has a different flavor than angostura bitters)

If served over ice it seems to taste different from when kept neat. Personally I thought that without ice it tasted a bit like contemplative sadness, with ice it seemed more joyful. Try it and see. Quite good either way.

Here is Ben’s meat pie to help me use up pie crusts that get forgotten in the freezer.

The ingredients were pretty much, one and a half pounds of cooked up ground beef, instant mashed potatoes, onions and a bit of frozen corn and some chopped rosemary. Fill bottom crust with mixture and put on top crust (hopefully after it has thawed completely). It was filling! It was good! It was dinner and lunch the next day.

And some more drawings in the journal.

I have stitched up several more pages of scraps that have been put into the book and now just need to find the time to draw.  Tomorrow!

Til later…..