Finding It Easier To Get On With It

I made it to the dam the other afternoon. Still no birds on the water. Perhaps because it is so windy.

For two days I worked on the squirrel in an apron roasting nuts. When finished I decided that four of these drawings with stitchery might just be enough…so decided to cut and cover mats for them. The island in the kitchen makes a perfect work place because the height is just right.

I have to cut my own mats because everything is a different size. But making them all 8″ x 10″ on the outside measurements are easier to find frames for. I still have boxes of wooden frames out in the garage, and the charcoal spray paint I like for graphite drawings.  And I still have loads of Lokta papers to cover the mats with……so….

I put a small mouse in the squirrel’s apron pocket. The framing will be done when it warms up in the garage and I locate all the framing materials.

The work table here in the studio now has projects to finish on my left and finished on the right. Sort of like doing dishes. At least it prevents me from getting started on too many new ideas.  But first Burke and Wills would like to see themselves bound into a book.  And there is a bit more hand-stitching to do on the patchwork of print and cloth piece.  After that I hope to get back to carving some wood blocks.

There is still another book to finish reading and more entries for the basket gathering book, but I am determined to get control here with unfinished work.

Too cold and rainy for walks so it was more baking….Pioneer Woman’s Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies.

Delicious with the addition of finely chopped pecans.

And the cats just prefer to nap.

Tomorrow is President’s Day so the gym will not be open. I might try the Riverwalk in Murphy followed by a coffee at the Rare Bird.

I look at all the workshops being offered online and wonder if I need to enroll in one. Then I ask myself, “Why?”.

I don’t have a good answer but do know why I don’t.  So many seem to stress experimenting with materials and techniques until you find your own voice.  Well, maybe, if I wanted to spend time (and money) to find a way to express myself. But I think it is pretty obvious that I am already listening to my own voice and working accordingly.

Am I bored? No.

Do I need inspiration? No.

Do I need to amass more tools and materials to “play” with when there is plenty to work with here in my studio?  No.

And at seventy-eight do I really want someone suggesting I “try this” or “try that”? No.

Do I really want the residue of “finding my voice” (which I suspect is code for not copying someone else’s) to pile up in my already tidied and organized studio? Heavens no.

I think not.

Perhaps these workshops being offered are more about having a play time….or the popular expression now is “giving yourself permission” to play. (I never did get that “permission” thing.) Am I supposed to ask myself if it would be okay to draw a squirrel in an apron? What if I said, “NO, no squirrels for you, in or out of aprons.” Really!

I am likely missing something here about these classes being offered. And perhaps it is simply that my own voice is nagging me to get on with it. Reminding me that time is passing and if there is something that I need to do, then get on with it.

So, I am off…getting on with whatever.

Til later….