FIVE Days Later!

I decided to wait an extra day before posting. Major changes in the house this morning as I begin to unpack more “studio things”. The guest room furniture is packed into the garage waiting to go back north. In its place are familiar things.

This is the start of moving off the dining room table. And while help was here I switched area rugs between bedroom and living room. Once the warm toned shades went into the windows of the living room, I felt the rug there was too cool. But in the bedroom with the grey curtains and so many works in graphite, it made a better match,

I wanted to walk the dam the other day because it has been so long since I have.

And then back here to the river…..

I especially love this next one.

Magical doors in trees…

I like the female figure guarding the entrance above. And the recessed door with its peephole below.

And then the walk back home..

To my first camelia bloom.

The new mixer came. It is so light with some great German engineering. Even has a low speed that is low and a terrific storage feature for accessories and the cord! The mixers today have mostly wire beaters. I prefer the flat blade type because they will slice through the butter I thought had softened enough.

And the gas man came and started up the fireplace. Waiting for a dreary day now.

Thursday I went to the poetry group’s monthly meeting. I enjoyed it and hope they invite me again. It was nice to hear their words and see how they are placed on a page.

They asked if I wrote poetry. I said,  “Yes, but only on cloudy, dreary days, Not because the words are about dreary things but because the sun is an intrusion into my thoughts with its spinning around lighting things up as it goes. It (the sun) shines spotlights on things that call for the attention I am trying to give words.”

That got the response of, “hmm”. You know the kind of “hmm” that wishes they hadn’t asked.

So whether I get asked back again is unknown at this time. But a friend gave me a new ballpoint pen yesterday and I am ready to see if it can keep up with me. I can certainly thank the poetry group for getting  me in the mood.

The other day I came back from a walk to find, tucked in my door, an invitation to a resident’s home tomorrow evening to meet more neighbors. How nice.

I am looking forward to it. Home baked cookies or a bottle of wine would be nice to take along.

More later….