Very Pretty Days

The past few days here in Hayesville have been lovely even though there is such dull color for Fall.

My view looking over where I live when waking up the hill into town.  And later in the meadow the golden rod has burst into fluff.

Some reached for the sky.

And then off through the meadow to the river. I am always happy to take myself on these walks. Never disappointed by the things to see.

The warm glow of the river bottom is reflected in the leaves, the bark and the ground beneath my feet. Such a beautiful color!

Two days ago I finished my carving of this year’s Christmas card.

And then yesterday finished putting my cards together.

It is strange how I will carve an image, print off about twenty, and not til they are all laid out on the counter, do I notice that they could be better. Coming to that awareness never seems to arrive with just one or two prints being pulled. A waste of time, paper and ink must be involved.

I must say that the kitchen island is a perfect place to ink up a block and print an image. With the sink in the center of the island it makes cleanup so easy.

Today I wait for the gas man to come and make my gas fireplace light up. And I will also wait for the builder to come and fix a front door lock that just suddenly refused to go into the lock position. Last night I gave up and propped a chair under the door handle.  Silly I know, but I did not want to wake in the night thinking of some poor old fellow getting his front door wrong after a few drinks with a neighbor.

In reality once the sun goes down, the doors shut. No headlights until I go to the gym at 6:45 in the morning.

Today while I wait for the fixit men I will do more carving on the crow block and sit next to my cats as needed.

Til later…