Floating on Too Many Surfaces

The past several days I have been making an effort to finish something…anything. I went back to Burke and Wills in hopes of wrapping the story up. Three more drawings have been added,

So if these are the pictures, fourteen in all, then what are the words? And shouldn’t the words be in rhyme form? The pictures say, “children’s book” so easily read lines in vertical rows seems right. The pictures do not look like paragraphs should be next to them¬† So, I am trying to rhyme the story. It is not easy. In fact it is a pain in the backside to make it look as easy as children’s books usually are. Maybe I will put this on hold and dig out my children’s books to see how the writing is paced and spaced. Shel Silverstein would have gotten to the point with one picture and very few words that make the reader smile. Did Beatrix Potter write in rhyme? I will check the book shelf to see. Anyway I need to pause on this. But for me, once an idea pops into my head, I act on it. With no thought that it will have to be wrapped up somehow. A somehow for another time.

Later this afternoon I go to the poetry meeting. I will need to make copies of another one from the Trusting the Tether Line book. They appreciated the one I read before and seemed interested in more.

Yesterday I went to visit and tour the art department of Young Harris College. It was so good to be surrounded by artworks that mattered enough to to be completed. And visit with a few students busy making and building forms that tell their story. I found myself looking for more, but was reminded that this college offers a Bachelor of Arts degree – not a Bachelor of Fine Arts where more in depth study and producing is given more time.

But there was an etching press in the printmaking room with a couple of wood blocks. Tools are minimal. The classes are designed to be introduction level only. Senior year students have more exploratory time for what they were introduced to earlier. But in the meantime there are other classes that are required to get that degree and their time is divided. For me, it felt good to be in the spaces of art making and seeing a couple of permanent pieces from former art group members.

So back to laundry…maybe the vacuum. It only takes 15 minutes tops to vacuum the floors here, After the poetry meeting I think I will get a new bottle of wine. It seems to be the only thing I am short of right now after baking more scones for the freezer and a nice quiche.

Fresh farm eggs from a friend needed to be photographed. Such a luxury to have beautiful large eggs.

No walks this week due to endless days of rain.

Til later…..