Getting Close to Company and Christmas

Every year one of Mary Jo’s friends makes her this gnome for outside her mailing business and coffee shop where I go five days a week. He is cleverly done, don’t you think? I decided to fuss up my entry way to the house and headed back to the shop in town to add more bits of artificial greens and lights so someone can find their way in after dark.

I will take a photo of it tonight when it gets dark. A neighborhood party had to be canceled tonight due to the flu so I have asked a couple of friends from this end to pop in for wine and meet the young couple from the opposite end. I don’t want to waste these spurts of socialization that surprise me every now and again.

I have spent the day finishing off sewing three pairs of pants, cleaning up and then baking Christmas cookies. Since I am way overdue for a blog post, I thought I’d better get to it. There is just not much new here. Amy, Patrick and Marla arrive Wednesday evening. I will have a cream of mushroom soup ready for them…and a crusty bread, I think.  It will require another trip to the store. Here is what I parked next to the other day…..constant reminder of how low the IQ has fallen here in the States.

I went to poetry meeting last week and had a successful read. I keep thinking they will make corrections or suggestions on my work. But the poet who heads the group called to tell me that my work needs no changes and to please keep it up. I will spend most of the winter writing so as to publish another book next summer. A friend in England bought several of my books for Christmas presents. Other than those buying Burke and Wills and the Stoat Story for grandchildren, I am not being told about purchases or reviews. I should probably go on Amazon to see.

First I need to take a walk…

Very little sleep last night with sore rotary cuff. My new neighbor (physical therapist) gave me some sensible exercises to help until I can lift dumbbells at the gym again. He told me that several women my age can not lift arms overhead. No problem here…just do not want to lift dumb bells that high. Not now anyway.

That’s it for today…Here is Sadie keeping me settled.

More later…