It’ Over After Walks, Talks, and Company!

The view through the front door from inside. And then outside greeting guests after dark.

Amy, Patrick and Marla all came in his truck (as usual) with loads of presents and assorted foods and wines. We walked first to the river here after beautiful skies in the early morning.

And the view from the house they stayed in around the corner from my house.

The river…

The Riverwalk in Murphy with a warm-up at the Rare Bird for lattes afterwards.  Patrick and Amy further down the path….

Another day we walked the dam…

We enjoyed the company coming to visit while Amy, Patrick and Marla were in town. Lots of wine to go through…. And we did our traditional toast to Pacia with her drink of choice (Fresca and very cheap whiskey). It is served with popcorn and we do this every time to remember our dear old friend who almost made it to 100 years of age. She is one of the first to come to our Spirits Bar and spend some time remembering. This year Lee joined us…

We played new board games but did not do the puzzle I bought…I will do that one another time.

The evening they were all arriving back home in Michigan, I went for a walk around the neighborhood and stopped for a wine just before catching this sunset on my way home.

Today I went to the grocery store and picked up the two foods that are supposed to bring good luck if eaten on the first day of the year.

Just noticed these are mustard greens instead of collards….yikes! now I have to go back tomorrow and buy a can of those.

I wish you all a happy new year and can not express all the gratitude for how you have kept in touch with emails, cards, and gifts. Thank you so much.

I will be spending more time writing and show you my thoughts for another children’s book in my next post.

Til later…..