Irritations of Aging

The title of this piece is the title of the blog today. I am stuck in bed with a foot operation. A walker is my mode of travel to and from the restroom. It is like this getting up and out of the bed.

Confined is the perfect word.

With Lee’s mind on a somewhat low capacity, we are trying to make one functioning body. A sense of humor is helping as we limp through the day.

Lovely flowers surround me in the bedroom. Mother’s Day and a thoughtful friend.

I am keeping projects to work on tucked in bed with me. Two baskets with cloth, thread, needles, papers, books, kindle, battery lamp and spare basics in clothing.

The cats visit but not for long. This is unfamiliar for them.

The lap top and Iphone are helpful. Keeps me in touch. Thank heavens interesting things are going on elsewhere.

In a week I might be able to put the left foot on the floor for balance and that will help. Tomorrow I might have Lee roll me into the kitchen on his office chair. I could dry dishes and remind him where things are. Yesterday I had him use my phone to photograph the controls on the dryer so I could show him which buttons to push….and today, whalla, clean clothes.

We can do this.

Til next week.