It Has Been A Lovely Few Days

The early walks to the the gym have been full of dewy grass, fog, and buttercups.

Then later in the afternoon going to the river. The meadow is filled with such green and yellow. The first wild daisies popped through.

And in my yard the first of three bamboo fences have been made and placed.

The flagstone has yet to arrive at the stone shop. But when it comes and is delivered, it will line the mulch beds and the stoned areas out back. Then I can say it is finished when that and the bamboo bits are in place.

Twice this past few days I have been invited to stop and have wine on the porch of neighbors. It has been very nice to visit with them. Today one of them is coming here to read some of the books I have made over the years. She is a writer who is in the poetry group and has been quite encouraging.

I also spent a bit of time getting the poetry located and organized for a book. Now just to figure out how to do that so I am not handling the mailing part. I would like to look at Amazon self publishing as a possibility but need to do much more research to see how that is done.

This weekend I am going to get back into my sketchbooks. I am missing the drawing. And going through the books I think my neighbor would like to look at today, makes me miss it even more.  How fun it was to do The Fairy Book and The Stoat Story. I need to feel the pencil in my hand more often!

Yesterday there was a box on the bench out front from UPS shipping. I opened it to find a bag full of fresh-picked white lilacs from my friend, Marla, in Michigan. It was so exciting to unwrap them and quickly get them into a vase.

So many blooms have fallen off but I scoop them into a ceramic tray on the counter. Isn’t that a wonderful thing to do? Send flowers from your yard through the mail! I used to send my mother all the wildflowers I could pick along our road so she could hold my place in her hands and then put them in a vase.

My dragon scale book still waits all rolled up, wanting me to decide what comes next. Is it words or another drawing of what is under the river water….still not sure.

I baked more savoury scones for the freezer this morning. It is a necessary thing to do when you know the spinach is going to go bad, scallions are wilting and the ham and cheese want to be used.

Next week there is a birthday party at a restaurant for a neighbor turning ninety. She used to stop and visit Lee and I when we had a place in town to work while we were building houses and moving from one to another. I love that she and I now live in the same neighborhood. Then there is that shopping trip back to the town I rediscovered over Mother’s Day. And the following day is lunch out with a group of women artists and another party that evening in the neighborhood. I have been asked to bring an appetizer. I can do that plus take along some champagne. We are celebrating something, so why not.

I almost forgot about this…yesterday I took some Anzac cookies (biscuits) to a new young fellow from Australia who opened a bike shop here in town. I wanted to hear him talk. I miss the sound of an Aussie speaking. His accent he and his American wife said has faded but his parents are visiting next month. And they have thick accents. I said I would be back then with more Anzacs. Very nice couple and a good addition to the town.

More later….