Just Catching Up on Lee

He is outside re-stacking his rocks. The squirrels knock them down to get to the seed that gets scattered underneath. Sometimes I put it there on purpose just to give him something to do later in the day.

When he is not outside he watches.

The caregiver asked if I had a memory book for Lee so she could strike up conversations based on the pictures. I had been saving photos for a while to do just that and had the time yesterday to make the book.

This should help both of them.

And today I finished the fifth Responsibility hand.

He can’t make toast, puts his pill in the water instead of his mouth, gets his gloves confused, cuts with the back side of the knife, squirts toothpaste all over, sometimes can’t figure out the seat belt,can’t remember where the mailbox is, has problems with the velcro straps on his shoes, uses his electric shaver to trim over his ears, piles an enormous amount of pasta on his fork and needs help putting salve on his itches.

I have the next hand outlined and ready to go.

But we get through it all. My paid for friends come three times a week to keep him company and give me a break which is greatly appreciated. Still navigating the long term care insurance policy to receive reimbursement of the layout for this help. It is a good thing we can do this now and afford to wait for the process to finish up.

One thing that really is such a surprise is the occasional card or kind word via email or facebook. Yesterday this came from Minnesota with words of support for doing this blog. And inside this little pack of wildflower seeds! How thoughtful, how very nice….thank you.

And this morning, Saturday, the once a week hair wash, I looked in the mirror to see if I was looking any more adrift than usual. I am doing fine in this time of staying home. I got enough groceries the other day to take us through the month and beyond. I even bought some ferns for the porch and a bit of basil to go with the lettuce.

So I took a picture to post here of what I see in the unforgiving mirror each morning.

We are fine.

Tomorrow or the day after I will post the drawings and paintings. This one was for those asking about Lee. Thank you for thinking of us.