Lee’s Birthday

This is a present Lee got from a friend for his birthday…..a growler of very strong local porter. Now he is napping.

We went to the Fall Festival at the Folk School this morning.

We got there before the opening and left an hour or so later. The traffic was horrific when we left.

We saw some old friends there and bought some Christmas presents. Crowds are not our thing and since country music is not something we care for that much, we left before many banjos got unpacked and feet starting stomping.

This morning very early I gave Lee his monthly haircut…..fifty some years of cutting his hair. I love the rhythm of the clippers running over my fingers that set the length of hair. And seeing small tufts of grey drift down to his lap and floor. The fine electric cutters come out to finish off what he calls his werewolf hairs around and in the ears. He then heads for the shower and I sweep up what seems to be less and less each month. And “less” for Lee usually means “more” for me….but not when cutting hair. That has stayed the same for just over fifty-two years.

Our herb and garlic salt mix dried and is now in a jar. We might make more of just rosemary and basil. It is something to do.

I thought of adding more to the list I started the other day but anything new pretty much fits into one of the twelve listed.

Earlier this week my case of wine arrived at the grocery. While putting it in cool places I found two of the original Cabernet Sauvignon. These were the earlier ones before the descendants took offense and a new convict had to take his place.

Very nice flavor and weight to these. They won’t last long.

I keep up with the Drawing a Day with Haiku. Here is the fourth of October.

The abandoned house

is hopelessly tethered to

the sign Jesus Saves.

I had to correct it in the drawing because of too many syllables.  And I am not sure how much Jesus is helping out….just an observation.

Now I am headed back upstairs to check on Lee and do the drawing for today.

I did notice today when seeing old acquaintances that some of them are aging well. I put effort into looking my best. We got some hugs. We smiled a lot. We are glad we went for the first time in years.

I hear Lee creaking the floor boards overhead so til later.