Lee’s New Home

Lee this morning on our walk around the yard. We found red honeysuckle and many more pretty sticks to put into vases.

The movers came early today and took the furniture down to the care home. Then my friend Barbara arrived to help me unload my packed car with all the things to make Lee’s new room look like home.

I have a few more clothes to sneak out Monday morning when I take him down. His razor, hair brush, spare shoes, favorite throws, and more hangers. Easily slipped into the car when he takes his shower. I love how large the room is and he can easily find things in it. We met the two cleaning ladies who were glad that it wasn’t all cluttered up. Two caregivers give the baths so as to help if he takes a fall. The medicines he takes…very little….has been turned over to the person in charge of that. $200 in fives and tens were left in his name at the finance office for things that come up like haircuts, etc.

There is a bird feeder outside his window for seed that I can take down to keep it filled. I talked to the maintenance man about Lee loving to work with rocks and he said he will take Lee with him around the place when he can and will move some rocks into the secured gazebo area for Lee to stack. I just need to send him a reminder.  They are so very, very nice there.

I plan on having the best next two days here with trips to the dump and buying some more ferns, baking more Anzac Biscuits, picking up interesting sticks for the table and finding things to laugh about.

I have done a bit more drawing in the book. I am now a young woman waiting for more scraps of cloth.

The hard freeze a couple of weeks ago did lots of damage to our Japanese maples. Now the pond is filling with dead leaves. Lee sweeps them off the stone walkways and I fish them out of the pond. Our last bits of yard work here.

Yesterday and today lovely notes from Australia came to thank me for sending them Trusting the Tether Line poetry book. I can not say how much I appreciate the support from there during these past several years with watching over Lee. They never met him but feel as though they know him through my writings. Friends from this country have been also very supportive. I wish they lived closer. Barbara has been the constant for Lee and I and we are grateful to have her continually checking in to lend a hand.

Thank you, Barbara!

Monday after I take Lee to his new home I will stop by the liquor store and look for the scotch Linda and Jack sent me a check for because they could not be here to help with this transition time. I will toast Lee, them and Barbara for their kindnesses. Then I will pour another for the friends down under who keep my spirits up…and maybe a third for Kent who continues to send Lee homemade postcards with his name clearly written.

By the time I pour another I will be on my way to the first full night’s sleep I have had in a very long time.

Til later…..