Lots of Lookers/Small Dinner Party/Progress on House/Walks

Many people touring the house this week. When I get back from staying away and they are still here I get to answer questions. Some are very interested but I will wait for paperwork to show up. In the meantime the house is kept picked up and a book to read stays in the car.

I have been out of internet service for a few days and today they came and said it is tree branches in the way. My tree man called back and said he would be here later today. I hope so because I would like to see the final chapter of a Scandinavian thriller that just disappeared in a storm the other night. Plus it is a pain not to get the latest off my Iphone.

Yesterday I walked over to the new house site and saw that the heat and air things have arrived…

This could mean that by the time I get back there tomorrow it will all be installed…..could happen.

Yesterday I picked up the prints from the framers. So far they are still laid on the table.

Last night I had company for dinner here. First small group since pre covid times. It was lovely to share food, wine and conversation. Plus as my daughter said it lets me practice my social skills that have been locked behind no small amount of anger and sadness these past couple of years. And it is such a good feeling when someone wants to look at my sketchbooks and talk about the emotions connected to the imagery.

Then this morning a walk along the river.

Aren’t those yellowy greens wonderful? The color of my car.

More later when I might have more news on the house here and my new one…..