Good News…..

I have accepted an offer on the house! For a good look at what I am leaving go to:

As you can see, several boxes are packed and now I will wait two more weeks to start packing again. If Lee was who he used to be he would be pleased to have the house go to a woodworker and a quilter. It is a house built for makers.

With the internet being out for a few days, I needed to have the sight line from the disk on the roof to the tower checked. Sure enough, those pesky leaves came out in abundance. The tree man who has trimmed here before came to solve the problem. It makes me nervous to watch him but I photograph as he goes from my perch on the porch.

Then he cleaned it all up and stashed the debris deep into the woods. It turns out he is the brother of the realtor representing the buyer. This is a small world I live in and likely will not get any bigger where I am moving.

I made it to the dam.

The water was really high….

A walk over to the house to see how it was coming along. The heat and air ducts are now in.

And the garage cleaned out for more deliveries of wiring and insulation.

This morning I took time to catch up on my Riverwalk House book.

I discovered another small tree growing behind the lichen covered dogwood outside my living room windows. I will have to find out what it is.

I found a scrap of cardboard with some of the exterior paint on it. And strings from the webbing of a wrapping plastic that I used to measure distances by making overhand knots from one side to the other of short distances of where I wondered about furniture fitting.

The country is still in shock over yet another school shooting. Friends from different parts of the world ask what is wrong with us that we continue to let this happen. The best answer I can find is that the United States has become victim to a lazy ignorance that no one really saw coming. And this ignorance is very easy for the Republican Party, led by the previous president, to manipulate into so many wrong decisions based on the fears of those too deep in their beliefs to see the truth of what we have become. The women that support the men making choices for themselves and their daughters are the ones I find most heinous.

It may take the next generation to get us out of this revolving door of continual ignorance and the fears that come with it.

Til later….