Making Adjustments

Lee and I gathered more sticks for the jug on the table. They are somewhat red and are my only nod to Christmas decorating. Bit meager, right?

I just do not want to trigger a sadness of it being Christmas and not having his family here. Our son may arrive but it depends on Covid testing and there is no way I want Lee waiting in the driveway, so I keep that part quiet.

Today I ordered Lee another pair of sweat pants and a nice flannel shirt. He will stay warm. I ordered for myself some new make-up designed to make old ladies look like better looking old ladies. I will let you know if it works.

It is nice being here in the apartment writing. Thoughts come easier and words flow off the point of pen.

I can hear Lee outside with his leaf blower. His caregiver keeps him occupied and he so loves being outside picking up leaves. He now has at least eight buckets of leaves stored in the garage. He is keeping them for something. Sometimes things are a secret and he worries I might throw them over the bank. I did that last week but now it is important not to. He has one half of the garage to store those leaves since we gave his truck away to the folk school. He sweeps them up, puts them in buckets and then stacks the buckets up. He has such a sense of order now that I can attest was not there before.

And we now have this at his end of the table.

The care giver thought he needed something to do inside so I got out this box of very old blocks and put them in a bowl that he turned several years ago. Now they can sit and build and spell if the weather keeps him inside.

Some new writings for the tether book….


Two Hours

Two hours into sleep he is up,

ready to start the day.

Back in bed, he falls asleep.

Two hours later he is up again.

She yells, “No!”

He yells back.

They lay awake wondering how

to deal with that stranger

on the other side of the bed,

and drift off.

In the morning he has forgotten.

And she feels guilty.


And because things change…


Making Choices


A former friend says,

“You have become so nice,

so understanding, so considerate

and thoughtful in your new role

as carer for one with dementia.”

As if it was a choice.

My response….

“It is my job!”

And because she must have thought

I lacked those qualities before……….


I draw each day…now hats.


Now I am drawing

all our hats hanging around

waiting to be worn.


An Australian hat

one of two I bought for Lee

brown leather cowhide.


And I started stitching on the fox.

That is probably enough for today…

Time to pack up here at the apartment and head home.

Til later….

PS Our son tested negative for Covid so will be here Saturday. Lee will be so happy!