Making Brushes and Making Adjustments

These are the eight paint brushes that Lee helped me gather materials for and put together. I posted these on Facebook so if you saw that you can skip this part and move down. But I love these pictures and the marks made using the avocado ink I made awhile back.

Here they are in a mug/vase with the bottle of ink.


Tiny twigs, fennel seed stems, tip of dried butterfly bush flower.

dried bloom from a bush in the yard, cluster of wildflowers, tip of a squirrel’s tail.

Three turkey breast feathers and cluster of wild bird feathers.

The marks and where I brushed the remaining ink off.

I think most people who make these brushes use them for the fun of abstract marks or asemic writing. I think I am expecting more than that. I will try to make something legible with the brushes and inks I have made.

On another note, Lee and continue our trail walks each morning. It is cooler but the details of things is always surprising.

The other day Lee snapped off the latch that holds the battery in the leaf blower. He had no idea he did it. I found the parts and successfully glued it back together….only to find that it must have been put in place before the two sides were screwed together. It is a stupid design to not think that this might happen and therefore make one side the hole for one peg and the other an open track into the hole for that side.

But waking in the middle of the night I came up with a solution…a bungy cord! Still too much give to hold the battery in as far as it needed to go. So…..

A tightening strap, wooden pottery tool and some wrench I found that could also be wedged in. It started right up but only lasted a few minutes before loosening up. Now do I buy another leaf blower or just hire it done? I am leaning toward the latter as Lee gets more confused and again the next one could be broken just as easily.

Today marked the full year of drawings a day with haiku. I think I am the only one of my group to have lasted this long but feel good that I am inspiring some to get back to it.

Later trail walking

this morning brought out many

water-soaked feathers.


Feathery lichen

and some tiny fungus rows

grow along this branch.


Old, wet and tattered

are the things that easily

happen overnight.


Can you believe it?

I found the tip of a squirrel’s

tail this morning!


Well that about does it for now. I need to get ripping the writer’s head apart. She just had way too much going on regardless of which side of her brain she is using. I sure should have know that but just kept on making and sticking on. Now I need to bring her back to reality!

Til later.