Many Days Later

I am taking cautious steps into the changes coming up. My morning walks, good friends and family have helped me get it all sorted in my mind. New places and new adventures are ahead and all I have to do is keep clearing out my space here.

These two pictures are from the Riverwalk the last couple of days. It is shorter to get to and because of meetings and phone calls I have not made it to the dam for awhile. Tomorrow for sure.

And the drawing continues! We used to have several people come for Christmas dinner and the adults usually got a small travel bottle of liquor acting as a place card setting. I found Lee’s and mine in a cupboard that needs packing and decided to draw some. Next I intend to drink them all up!

And then this from a friend I have lunch with occasionally. She gave me this perfect gift of probably the most beautiful leaf I have ever seen.

It took a few hours to draw but was so much fun to do. And this morning…

These are Japanese combs that I have bought over the years from Wafu Works near Hobart, Tasmania. It is one of my most favorite places to have a look. The good thing is that almost everything in the shop tucks in nicely.

The last few days I have also been finishing up another short story. It should be posted on my website under “short stories” within a day or so.

Many of us are followers of the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny and the latest one arrived yesterday. Once I start it is hard to put down. I always hope that the old poet, Ruth, makes several appearances. I so relate to that character and her duck that expresses the poet’s opinion with a single word.

Since I am down in the studio while the cleaning lady works upstairs I will go out and pick a bunch of rosemary for those lovely cocktails I have on the group calls. Tonight we all catch up with one another.

I am back to wearing my mask to the stores because so many in the rural south will not get the vaccine. Our single hospital for the area is full and dealing with the ignorance and selfishness of the area. I hope the health providers can continue until this comes to an end, and not leave in disgust. No mask mandate in the schools will keep the virus affecting everyone. When you live in a Republican leaning community you can expect the least amount of effort put into caring for the population as a whole. Integrity has dwindled to a new low in that political party.

Til later….