This Is A Good Week

How wonderful to get two stuffed envelopes from Australia. From Madeleine came this fun map of Australia to play with and a postcard of the Flinders Ranges tucked in with her very kind words and memories of my times having her in classes. And from Jan a card by famous Nature artist John Wolesley, a stunning hank of six strand cotton thread and more kind words…even an inquiry of whether I needed a resupply of malt extract that is rarely seen available here in the states. Thank you both so much and also those who keep me up to date on their artworks during such trying times of lockdowns and closed borders down under.

Patches who rarely gave me the time of day now wants to stay close to me, even sleeping between me and the edge of the bed.

And a whole crowd of turkeys feeding outside the dining room window.

This morning it was back to the dam for a walk.

This week I have met with a builder/developer of a retirement village not far from here. I have selected the house plan and the extras I think necessary. It is within walking distance to so many things I now drive to. By next Spring I should be selling this home of so many memories and be settling into a new place with new neighbors. Those I have met seem keen to have me join them. It will be different for how Lee and I have lived but at least I get to see another house built around my needs and wants. Our children are both in agreement that it is time to take this step. Almost every home Lee and I have lived in during our fifty odd years together was a home we built to our needs at the time. Now I get to do it one more time…once more smelling fresh timbers being put into place.

There is lots more to clear out of this house or box up to store in closets until I move. Much of it will go north by way of movers and into storage until our kids get into larger homes.

For now I play around on paper where my furniture will fit and how much studio equipment is really necessary…..funny how I want my old drill press but not the bigger etching press. Times change.

This morning I finished up a new shirt/blouse and now all the fabrics are stored in the old shoe makers chest with buttons and notions. It feels good to have related things in one place.

When I finish off The Home Maker, all four of my autobiographical head sculptures will be completed. In the new house they will be placed in museum cases along the top of the old Brasstown Post Office Table….a constant reminder of who I am. Not much of The Traveler anymore, but The Writer, The Printmaker and Home Maker are all still here. I plan on having my own artworks around me and let some of the collections go.

But always there will be drawing and stitching.

Tonight I am actually being picked up to go out to dinner. It has been maybe two years since that has happened. Even meeting two more friends for an outside lunch tomorrow. Invitations have been scarce since dementia and then Covid took over our lives. I am now combing my hair (well sort of) and putting in earrings for such occasions.

Til later….